Receive daily tasks, prompts, and support to launch and scale a profitable personal brand on LinkedIn and Facebook in 21 days!

Challenge: 8th - 28th April, 2024
Onboarding Call: Fri, 5th April, 2024.

Original Price: $100
Today = *FREE*!
Reg closes = 5th April, 2024.

What’s the best way to build a profitable personal brand on online?

SPOILER ALERT: It is not by buying followers on social media, building a fancy website, having a fancy logo, or posting three times a day on Instagram. 

Keep reading to discover the right approach…

Thank you for this amazing challenge. It's been exciting for me and helped my quality of content. It also helped with my consistency, I've had more engagement, and growth in reach and following.

Ejiro Osakede

Life Coach

Dear Coach/Expert/Professional,

If you’re like most people I’ve helped scale their personal brands, you struggle with one of these three major challenges:

#1. Showing Up Consistently Online: You might be struggling with this because either you're unsure about what to share or the thought of putting yourself out there online can be overwhelming and intimidating.

#2. Attracting Your Ideal Audience: Perhaps you're not getting the visibility and attention of your ideal audience because you lack a clear strategy, a well-defined direction, and the authority positioning that naturally draws potential clients to you, just like a magnet.

#3. Monetizing Your Personal Brand Online: You've likely heard from experts that growing your list or boosting your follower count will lead to more clients. But even after gaining those followers and expanding your list, you're stuck! You're left puzzled, wondering what's missing.

Does any of these sound familiar?

I always struggled to get ideas of the type of content to post online without sounding salesy and the SYB challenge was the perfect solution. It also built my consistency and increased visibility of my brand.

Theresa Omonade

Financial Advisor & Marketing Coach

Original Price: $100
Today = *FREE*!
Reg closes = 5th April, 2024.

Challenge: 8th - 28th April, 2024
Onboarding Call: Fri, 5th April, 2024.

In the 21-Day Sell Your Brand Challenge,
I’m going to help you get rid of questions like:
What do I post online?
Who is my ideal audience?
Where can I find them?
What offer will they buy?
What do I sell?
How do I position myself?
And many more...

Here’s exactly what you’re going to get in this 21-Day Sell Your Brand Challenge:

Daily Tasks

These daily tasks are your daily doze of instructions you’ll carry out daily to optimize your personal brand on LinkedIn and Facebook. We’re going to be optimizing your bio, sales process, visibility strategy, and client attraction magnet.


Social Media Content Prompts

If creating posts has been a struggle, you're not alone—I get it. Figuring out what to share can be tough, especially if social media isn't your comfort zone. This is why I will be guiding you on what to post on your LinkedIn and Facebook feed for the next 21 days.


Content Template

Even with content idea prompts, I know that crafting valuable posts can be challenging and this is why beyond suggesting content topics, I’ll be providing you with content writing templates and premium design resources to simplify the process.


Weekly Progress Calls

Let's do the math: 21 days equals three weeks. At the end of each week, we'll hold a private Zoom call to review your progress, gather feedback, and plan for the upcoming week


Accountability Partners

Admit it, sometimes the journey feels lonely. It's tough to take action when it seems like you're facing the world on your own. This feeling can be discouraging while building your personal brand. So, in this 21-day challenge to enhance your online presence, you won't walk alone. We'll pair you with some people who share your interests, allowing you to hold each other accountable and exchange daily ideas.


Engagement Boosting Pod

If you're not new to social media, you're familiar with how algorithms operate. They favor content that has higher engagement with greater visibility. That's precisely what we'll be doing for your content. We'll collaborate together to increase your engagement organically, effectively gaming the social media algorithm.


Supportive Community

In case you don’t know, one of your greatest strengths as a personal brand is your community. It's a place where you can openly share your challenges and struggles and even find solace, knowing that solutions are just a conversation away.


Challenge Prizes

Oh yes... we called it a challenge, right? And what's a challenge without prizes? At the end of the challenge, 10 people will receive the "Visibility Masters" prize for meeting their challenge goals.

This is one challenge you don’t want to miss!

Original Price: $100
Today = *FREE*!
Reg closes = 5th April, 2024.

Challenge: 8th - 28th April, 2024
Onboarding Call: Fri, 5th April, 2024.

The SYB challenge helped me to create more engaging and quality content. Content that make you stand out and connect with your audience on a deeper level. This is a challenge for anyone who wants to be consistent and be seen as an authority in his/her field.

Dami Oguntade Olubajo

Identity / Growth Coach

Before joining this challenge, I totally avoided Facebook, as I didn't know my way round. Alas, the challenge made me show up everyday and increased my engagement & visibility. It's most rewarding for anyone looking to sell effortlessly & increase visibility.

Jumoke Oyekanmi


But hold on...

The last time we launched this event was in 2020

It went for $110, and we didn’t even offer as much value as we are offering now.

But we wanted to make this special.

So, for everything you’ll be getting at this challenge,
Here’s the breakdown of the total value:

Total value - $1,776

But you’re not going to be investing this much.
All you’re investing is a fraction of the total value of this challenge


Fair enough?

Original Price: $100
Today = *FREE*!
Reg closes = 5th April, 2024.

Challenge: 8th - 28th April, 2024
Onboarding Call: Friday, 5th April, 2024

Who this Challenge is NOT for:

#1. If you think $100 is too much to invest in a program that will ensure the long-term profitability of your personal brand.

#2. If you think spending at least 2 hours every day on building your brand is too much work, you won’t be able to show up and be consistent with the challenge. 

#3. If you don’t believe in getting or value expert assistance or guidance when it comes to refining your personal brand journey.

What’s the WORST that can happen?

Allow me to outline the worst-case scenario here: Imagine you enroll in this challenge at $100. You diligently complete the daily tasks, and after 21 days, you attain a crystal-clear understanding of your brand strategy and direction. On top of that, you’ll retain access to the daily prompts and templates, plus all benefits even after the challenge concludes.

Not bad, yeah? 

And this is the absolutely worst-case scenario!

Read what our past participants had to say about the Sell Your Brand In 21 Days Challenge: 

The Sell Your Brand Challenge has brought tremendous gains for me in terms of being able to connect with my audience on a deeper level. It has helped me build consistency in building my brand.

Daniella Nwosu

Media / Marketing Professional

This challenge was the needed push as I had been actively offline for a bit. I especially liked the fact that it got me to engage more on my LinkedIn profile.

Oluwaseun Ekorhi-Robinson

Lecturer / Communication Coach

The biggest gains for me in this challenge are visibility and consistency. In the past, I will be ‘planning to' and days will pass without showing up under the ‘justified excuse’ of no time, but this challenge helped me to show up consistently. Thank you the electric CTA!

Sarah Ogah

Business Law Expert

Through this challenge, I have seen the amazing wonders of consistency and have been able to see the plan of propagating my brand's message to my audience in a new and better light. There have been immediate rewards, and I'm sure of much more to follow.

David Omaghomi

Sustainability Advisory

Before I joined the SYB challenge, I struggled with creating content because of my busy schedules. But during this challenge, I noticed that creating engaging content became faster for me. I was also able to talk about my brand without reservations and connect better with my audience.

Abimbola Olu-Sholanke


The Sell Your Brand challenge is a necessary and useful innovation. It serves to show how to create content and give direction on what to do. The challenge has been a great help to me.

Alexander Owolabi

Obstetrician & Fertility Specialist

And what happens if you don’t join the challenge?


You end up spending the $100 on something else anyway.

But I don’t lose anything. 

As a matter of fact, you’re probably at a loss. 

The time you would have used to get clarity, strategy and direction to build your personal brand, you did nothing.

And you end up incurring “the cost of ignorance” every single day you postpone building your brand with the help of an expert.

8th - 28th April, 2024

Original Price: $100
Today = *FREE*
Reg closes = 5th April, 2024.

And here's my unwavering guarantee to you

If, upon completing this challenge, you don’t notice a tangible and positive transformation in the way you’re building your personal brand, simply get in touch with my personal assistant via chats or email –, who will be available throughout the challenge. We’ll promptly refund your entire investment without any queries or complications.

Does that sound reasonable?

8th - 28th April, 2024.

Temi Ajibewa


Temi Ajibewa is a certified Results Coach, transformational speaker, peak performance strategist, tech enthusiast and thought leader in the life and business coaching niches.

Through her work, she has impacted tens of thousands of visionaries to become a better version of themselves. She’s well known for her electrifying and elevating delivery. Hence, she’s accorded the nickname “The Electric Temi” by many of her students and followers.

She is most passionate about bringing transformation into people’s lives – helping people grow, be more and do better. Through her coaching programs, she has helped thousands of thought leaders around the world to build a highly profitable and well-structured personal brand business from scratch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this challenge really free?

Yes, it is. However, because we are a coaching company particular about helping you execute, we decided to add a twist to it by making whatever you pay 100% refundable WHEN you take action. Because, when you pay, you pay attention.

What are the main social media platforms you will be focusing on during this 21-day challenge?

Our main platforms of focus are LinkedIn and Facebook.

How do I get access to all the daily tasks and prompts for the 21-day challenge?

Good question. Immediately after you sign up, you’ll receive an onboarding email from us containing a link for you to join the Facebook group where the program will happen. You'll see everything else including the daily tasks and prompts in the Facebook group.

When does the 21-day challenge start?

We run the 21-day Sell Your Brand challenge on a 'every other month' basis. The next cohort for the Sell Your Brand In 21 Days challenge starts on the 1st Friday of next month.

Will I get all the resources - tasks, prompts, weekly progress calls, and templates - after the challenge ends?

Yes, your access to all the materials are accessible to you only during the challenge and you can download or print them out.

Must I attend the onboarding call?

Absolutely. It is during this call you will get all the instructions to get the best out of this Challenge.

I have more questions?

Click on the Chat with us button at the bottom left of your screen to chat with our support on WhatsApp.

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