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Scholarship Application

Apply for a 50% scholarship grant to any of our signature programs.

Scholarship Grant

A significant part of our impact goals as an organisation in 2023 is to give 50 people of extraordinary abilities and passion 50% scholarships into our signature high-ticket programs. 

As an organisation whose core value is impact, we want to give a chance to people who want to join our programs but lack the financial capability if we’re convinced that they are committed to their growth and the growth of other people around them. This means we’re partial to those we’re convinced will ‘pay it forward.’

We want everyone to have an equal chance to benefit from our knowledge and experience regardless of their background, age, and experience. And we want to ensure that those who might not be able to afford the full investments of these programs also have an opportunity to learn and equip themselves.

What we offer:

Given that our goal for the next 12 months is to enroll 300 students into our several signature programs, we are offering 50 slots of it at a 50% scholarship for each program. 

These signature programs include: 

The Digital Product Factory Course = 20 slots at $400 value each

Personal Brand Mastery Program = 20 slots at $500 value each

The Business Of Coaching Program = 10 slots at $2,500 value each

Who Can Apply For The Scholarship?

We are looking for Experts, Professionals, Seasoned Entrepreneurs, and Thought Leaders from diverse backgrounds seeking to elevate their impact, influence, and income by launching their coaching businesses, building their personal branding or creating digital products around their expertise or knowledge. We are looking for impact-driven individuals who understand the value of our programs and are willing to ‘pay-it-forward.’

Eligibility Criteria

We will use these 4 criteria to determine who we grant these scholarships to:

1. Impact: 

Our organization places a strong emphasis on impact, so we seek individuals dedicated to making a positive difference in others’ lives.

2. Learning and Application Potential: 

We are looking for applicants who appreciate the opportunities provided by these programs and are willing to learn and apply new knowledge. Demonstrating previous learning experiences and how they were applied is a significant advantage.

3. Financial Need:

These scholarships are intended for individuals who cannot fully finance the programs. If you have the financial means to fund your participation, we kindly ask that you refrain from applying.

4. Financial Responsibility: 

As we will cover 50% of the tuition, applicants must be prepared to pay the remaining half to be eligible for the scholarship.

How To Apply

Click on any of the links below, carefully fill out and submit the form. We’ll reach out within three weeks of submission if you qualify for the scholarship.

Click Here to apply for The Personal Brand Mastery Program

Click Here to apply for The Digital Product Factory Course 

Click Here to apply for The Business Coaching For Coaches Program

FAQs About The Temi Ajibewa Foundation Scholarship

Why are you not offering 100% scholarships?

Our signature programs are primarily designed for thought leaders and experts who are already used to investing in themselves and understand the danger of “free coaching.” 


Therefore, we’re more inclined to help those who are already helping themselves and have the capacity to invest more in their businesses and brands for success than those who can’t.  Besides, we would rather “spread the love” so more people can benefit from our solutions than give only a few people the opportunity. We may review this policy as we get more funding from external parties.

How soon can I expect to hear from you?

We take our time to review all applications carefully, but you can be sure to hear from us within 3 weeks of your submission.

I have more questions. How do I contact you?

Please email us at or call Ms. Faith at +234816 4766682

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